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Sunday’s are beautiful

On Sunday’s I really like to stay at home and relax. You can somehow really let the week 
come to an end and find some energy for the one coming up. No surprise that I still somehow 
always find something to do around my room.


From time to time it is quite important to “clean-up” your possessions. And there I mean: grab a 
bin and throw something in! It’s nice to have a good amount of make-up at home but if the bath 
is out-ruled by those products it’s time to say bye bye to some of them. And then, unexpectedly, 
you dig out some things you haven’t thought of anymore. Happened to me with this Dior 
Rouge pallet. Can’t wait to put some on for spring!


We already have reached April but the weather is nothing like that. Today actually the sun is 
shining for a change. Still I like staying in and cuddle myself into a fluffy scarf and open the 
window for some fresh air in the room. It helps to clear the head and gives your circulation 
a little kick.


When lying on my tiny sofa I love reading a magazine or a book. The British InStyle is for me one of 
the best magazines at the moment. Love the information, the texts and the tips, hints and 
tricks. You seriously can’t go wrong with this one!

Last Sunday, on Easter, we enjoyed this lovely drink. It’s a really simple creation. 
All you need is: 
Some glasses 
 A bottle of mild, cold sparkling wine 
Frozen raspberries 
Some mint leaves
Fill the sparkling wine in a glass, throw the raspberries and mint leaves in, stir and é violá – done!

And last but not least I like searching for some inspiration pictures which will bring new ideas 
to my mind.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, too! Have a great start into the new, up-coming week! 

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