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5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Here’s a post about food and healthy eating and we’re sure you will love! So, here comes the deal and some tips for you …

The holiday season is upon us, and all over the world this tends to mean that December and January become a time of decadence. Hearty feasts, sweet desserts, and perhaps a few extra spirits tend to be in order this time of year, and in the name of festivity it’s all well and good. Part of the beauty of the holidays is that we all “let go” a little bit and indulge in some treats and pleasures we don’t ordinarily enjoy on a regular basis. However, that’s no reason to forsake your health entirely during the holiday season! So, if you’re looking for a bit of healthier holiday eating, her are 5 tips we’d recommend considering. Happy holidays!

1. Eat Before Shopping
This is an absolutely brilliant tip from Real Simple that can solve a lot of typical diet issues that occur during the holidays. Simply put, a lot of us are susceptible to treats and unhealthy meals while shopping. You may be navigating a shopping mall and stop for a milkshake or Cinnabon treat, or you may sit down to a larger meal than you normally eat in the afternoon. Eating at home before shopping can eliminate this issue by filling you up beforehand!

2. Keep Healthy Snacks Around
Here’s the thing about the holiday season: you’ll almost certainly have unhealthy treats around. Neighbors might bring you cookies, family may send treats, etc. So try to counter the inevitable supply of sweets with some healthy snacks in the house. Readymade vegetable platters with dip are always good choices, and stocking up on fruit can give you something sweet that’s a bit healthier.

3. Lean Toward Wine
There’s always a tendency to enjoy a few drinks during the holidays, and of course wine, beer and spirits are all on the menu. But if you’re trying to be healthy, try to lean toward wine. Not only is a glass of red wine in moderation good for you, but wine can be sipped and enjoyed over time. With spirits and beer you’re more likely to drink a bit more, and thus ingest a few too many calories!

4. Pick Up A Vegetarian Cookbook
There’s certainly nothing unhealthy about meat, so long as it’s of a high quality and prepared well, and consumed in some moderation. But the holidays often involve several big, heavy, rich meaty meals – and you can counteract this by looking through some vegetarian recipes. Marks and Spencer have a few nice selections, with “Super Charged Food” being a particularly good choice for healthy recipes.

5. Enjoy Hot Chocolate
As far as sweet and treats go, hot chocolate is actually fairly harmless. A dark chocolate mix with either hot water or heated milk (depending on preference) is a fairly tame treat that will keep you warm and satisfied in the cold holiday season. If you’re tempted by desserts, this is one to focus on!

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