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Sweet Remedy

I have to admit- it has been a dear friend of mine who first told me about the label Softclox. But afterwards there was no escape from instantly falling in love with those wonderful shoes myself!

Firstly, let me talk about the brilliant concept of Softclox. Those shoes are like a remedy for your feet- wearing them feels more like a beauty treatment than like wearing heels. There is no chance of hurting feet, even though some of the models are up to 10-13cm high.

Here’s why: they have a soft wooden sole that feels comfortable and warm from below, they are always made of finest leather (let is be soft suede or a specially treated Nubuk leather), they are surprisingly light-weighted and after a while they adapt slightly to your feet so that they become truly yours.
The wooden sole is probably the most astonishing feature, since firstly it is formed anatomically and secondly is flexible thus helps you feet to roll off naturally. Additionally, another impressive fact is that all wood used for the shoes comes from sustainably farmed woods.

Moreover, the flexible wooden sole adjusts its temperature so that it works cooling in summer and warming in winter! That’s why I am especially in love with all winter models which are additionally lined with soft lamb fur- bye bye cold feet once and for all!

Secondly, even though those shoes are designed anatomically they are at the same time highly fashionable. Softclox managed to find a middle course between stylish and good for your health. I think at a certain point in time every woman realizes that they do not want to sacrifice either of those criteria anymore, therefore comfortable trendy shoes are exactly what we have been yearning for!

I would like to give a very warm thank you to Softclox for supporting my passion for their shoes with this wonderful light grey pair (CALINA coco cachmire stein) taken from the brand new collection you may find here!

Apart from that, Softclox are available in some selected shops all over Germany.

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