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#MCWorkout: Introduction

This topic has been on our list for a long time and we finally found the courage to pick it up on our blog: it’s time to work out! From time to time we will create some posts which will run under the hashtag #MCWorkout. These will show you our routines, inspire and motivate you.

But first things first. We have collected five facts for you which you should always keep in mind.

1. Miracles don’t happen over night
Getting in shape is never ever easy and certainly not something that can happen in 24 hours.

2. Every body is different
This is also something many people forget about. Some people achieve their goals faster than others. Seems unfaire but it all depends on your own will power.

3. Sport means sweating
Yes, get over it. You will sweat and you face will be red. But hey, thats what it always should be like because afterwards you will feel great and full of energy.

4. Treat yourself
Everyone eventually needs a break sometimes. This is probably the hardest part for me and sometimes I really need to write it into my schedule so I will actually stick to it.

5. Find the workout routine you enjoy
This is so important. If you don’t do something you love you will simply not enjoy it. And yes, it can take ages to find the right workout.

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