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Summer Wedges

Today we headed out for a little lunch at restaurant Le Faubourg at Hotel Concorde.

The warm weather has reached Berlin again and we are more than happy to show you these new summer sandals by UGG Australia.

The soft greyish brown shade which is worked into the ribbons reminds us of a beautiful late afternoon on the beach of Palma. The sunbeds, in which you were able to relaxe, head the same colour and offered a cozy setting on the beach. It was a calm yet absolutely memorable evening with some friends and good drinks.

Have you every experienced a summer moment like this? Its certainly an unforgettable memory we don’t want to miss. And we promise, in these heels the next memories will be growing.

The wedges are super light and you don’t feel like wearing tons of stones on your feet (those of you who love wedges know what we are talking about). You can easily get through a long summer night at a beach party!

Wedges – UGG Australia (Jules Scallop)
Leather Jacket – Costes

In cooperation with UGG Australia

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