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My Ten Favorite Places In New York

1. Probably my favorite place in New York is the Met Museum. I love that you never have to stand in line and can just casually decide to go there and spend the afternoon. I also love that there is so many different kinds of art, you can look at impressionist paintings but as well visit the Egyptian wing or see an exact replica of a Moroccan patio in a Riad. I think you can learn a lot and this museum is one of the greatest there is.

2. When you are living in New York you will soon realize that the Central Park is as essential to your life as the air you are breathing. Literally, when you have passed a week between skyscrapers and in subway tunnels, you will feel like you can finally breathe again once you enter this amazing park.

3. In New York, like every other city probably you should spend your Saturdays with a lovely long brunch with friends before continuing to stroll around through your favorite neighborhood. A favorite brunch place is definitely Two Hands in Soho. I basically love everything they have, from their masterly acai bowls, over their heavenly banana bread to their avocado toast.

4. It’s a must to eat a good pizza once you are in New York and frankly there is tons of places you can go to. My favorite pizza spot though is Roberta‘s in Brooklyn.

5. Once you have seen all the essentials and touristy sights of the city, you will probably end up in the West Village. That is usually the younger and less tourist crowded part of the city. There are numerous good restaurants and cafés as well as small shops.

6. The Brooklyn Bridge is not only one of the symbols of New York City, at the same time it is a really cool place to spend time and admire the city skyline. Start with having some ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (be careful, two scoops are literally like four!) and make your way to the other side.

7. Another favorite spot of mine is the Chelsea Market. It’s a huge hall with countless different food corners and small shops. You can try food from all over the world and buy exquisite products to prepare by yourself at home. Chelsea Market is like heaven for food lovers and food shoppers.

8. My favorite coffee place is Devocion in Williamsburg. Their café has an extraordinary atmosphere and the Columbian coffee tastes like more.

9. I love to watch the sunset with a drink in hand on the rooftop terrace of the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. The view of Manhattan is breathtaking and the atmosphere is vibrant.

10. Another great place to take a walk is the High Line. I love to go there no matter what weather or time of the year. Ideally, after I walked the High Line I would stop by at Bluebottle coffee and get a nice soy cappuccino before I head to Chelsea market for some shopping.

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