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Bachelor Thesis: Finding a topic

As the title of this post revealed I will give you a little insight into my university life. Since I just finished my bachelor thesis and handed it in last week I figured out it would be nice to give some support to those who still have this challenge ahead.
One of the hardest things in the process of setting-up the bachelor thesis is finding the topic you want to focus on. Nevertheless there are some elements you can follow in order to find the right topic.

1. Choose a topic you like by creating a mind-map
This seems to be a simple advice but its so essential. You will work on this topic for months and therefor it needs to be something you are happy about. Sometimes the best way to evaluate your ideas is to create a mind-map in order to structure your thoughts.

2. Do some research
If you were able to limit your selection to three to one topics its time to do some research. Check the literature statues, read articles (newspaper articles are great) or watch some short clips on YouTube. Just so you can get an overview and maybe already come across a specific problem or questions thats worth discussing.

3. Talk with friends (best if they are not confirm with the topic)
Try to explain your friends which direction your thesis should take. Sometimes they can offer you great feedback and bring-up new aspects. And just by talking, you may even find new aspects yourself.

4. Talk to a/the professor
When you have found a topic its important to contact a professor who you think fits the best. See them during their office hours and explain what you want to do. If you think the professor does not fit your topic or he/she thinks someone else would be better, follow your instinct. Most professors can give you an advice on who to choose as an alternative.

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