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Home Workout Equipment

Some of you may already know that I’m a workout lover and therefore I considered it would be nice to give you a little overview on my equipment I use at home. Starting from left to right

  • resistance band (red)
    I use this one mainly to do some feet exercise to strengthen my feet. Especially after my foot surgery was this my best workout-buddy
  • Gaynor Minden Flexibility band (pink)
    It’s always important to stretch and in order to get more flexible I use this flexibility band to increase my side splits as well as working on my arabesque and á la second extensions (dance lovers will know what I’m talking about)
  • light hand weights (pink)
    I got these from my Mum and try to do little exercise with them mainly in combination with sitting on the stability ball or lying in a bridge position. I don’t want too muscly arms which is why I always stretch after using them and try to do various workout routines
  • Foam roller
    With the foam roller I want to release muscle tightness by rolling-out my whole body. It can be quite painful at the beginning but its worth the pain. Your muscles feel relaxed and its a good adjustment to the normal stretching routine
  • Yoga mat 
    Says it all I guess. Either I do some simple yoga moves or all my other exercise on the mat for a stable positioning
  • Stability ball
    With this I do basically all my strengthening, stability workout. After my surgery I had to go back a few steps but still wanted to maintain my strength. So I startet working out with the ball and loved it since then. There are so many various exercise to do with it – never gets boring
  • Slides (not in the picture)
    Also for a total body workout I like to use my slides. Core, legs, back, arms – everything can be toned with the slides.

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