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Personal Issue: When do we ever give ourselves a break?

The title of this weeks personal issue post captures it all pretty well. And just by writing this article, late at night on a Sunday evening, the question seems more current than ever.

Lately I have been working for more than one project, the biggest one being our annual summer ballet which has my schedule fully under control. Plus university, another dance project and our blog. I may not work full-time in a firm but the hours I work cover more than a forty hour week. Free weekends? A real rarity lately. And yes, you may think “Why is she doing all this? Is it really necessary?”

And guess what: I constantly ask these questions myself. People think that everything comes easy and that the things I do are my own choice. And your right, everything I do and work for is completely done with passion and love. I easily sacrifice weekends and train or work long hours in the evening, even though my day was busy already. But still: when do we ever give ourselves a break? When do I give myself a break?

Taking time off is something I really have to learn and I think I have become a little better lately. I certainly would call myself a workaholic and yes, I’m fine with that. But I can also feel that times are changing, I’m getting older and you start to think about your future. Sounds super strange at the age of 24 but thats how it is. Especially as a woman you feel the pressure is on. When do you want to start working full-time? How long will you study? When will you have your first child? And of course you still need to find the right partner to actually become a mother and build a family (there is this German comedian who in a short video entry explains how women have to be today – absolutely worth watching. Click here to see the clip).
I really want to be a mother someday and actually before turning 30. This maybe all sounds strange and it certainly feels strange to write about this but thats how I feel and how I see my future future.

And this all leads me to another question: can we actually give ourselves a break? Time seems to run so fast and we still have so much to do and to see, that it seems difficult to take some time off. But what happens if we don’t?

I think it’s inevitable. We have to give ourselves a break. And yes, I’m pretty bad at this myself but I don’t want to give up my private life, I don’t want to spend hours over hours working. I feel privileged that everything I’m currently working on is filled with my love and passion but in order to maintain this ability I need to recover from time to time. But I would certainly say that I have not found the right way to do this.

What can actually really give me the feeling of taking a break? Switching off all electronic devises? Don’t train for a month? Get a different routine? No work on the weekends? Booking a weekend-get-away? I’m not sure but I already know that I don’t have to leave town to get a break. Potsdam is absolutely beautiful and during the summer season it’s a true sensation to lay by the lake or enjoy a drink at the local student bar.

Moments with friends and loved ones certainly give me the feeling of leaving my daily work routine and help me to relaxe. And I think that really often those little intimate moments are the ones I can enjoy the most. What helps you to take a break? I’m curious to know because maybe we can all learn from each other.

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