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A weekend in Munich

Last weekend I headed to Munich for a short get-away with my best friend. I have never been to Munich before but many people already told me that it is a lovely city for a weekend trip.

We booked our flights at the beginning of April this year with AirBerlin and paid about € 110 both ways per person. When the airline announced their bankruptcy a few days before our flights we were a little scared that everything would be canceled but luckily this was not the case.

We left early on Friday morning and came back on Sunday evening. Our first day was amazing. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the typical Bavarian way of living: beer at the Viktualienmarkt, coffee in the Englischer Garten and Knödel at a stylish Bavarian inspired restaurant (will post a guide on that soon).

On Saturday the weather was a little unstable. Therefore we decided to head to the museum. Since I studied Art History here in Berlin as my bachelor program, I already knew a little about the local art museums. Since I didn’t want to over-strain the nerves of my friend I just decided to visit the Alte Pinakothek, featuring paintings from Albrecht Dürer, Leonardo da Vinci, Peter Paul Rubens and many more.
Sadly I was a little disappointed of the collection or, lets say it this way, of the way the paintings are represented. Since we have a great new museum in Potsdam (find a post about that here) and after reading the book “Kunst hassen”, I find it hard for older museums to keep up with the transition. Of course, the works displayed here are a pure sensation but the walls, the impolite security guards and  those unhygienic catalogs lying around just have to be modified.
Maybe they are changing something because parts of the museum were closed for renovation. This means, I certainly have to come back and find out.

On Sunday we just had a lazy start. Got up late, checked out of our hotel (we stayed at the MotelOne located at Sendlinger Tor. It was absolutely perfect because we could easily walk everywhere) and had breakfast the LAX Eatery (read about it a post before this one).

All in all I can warmly recommend Munich. It’s a beautiful city with so much traditional architecture and lovely little cafés. You can walk around the city easily and explore all those hidden corners and big squares. And, another thing I decided: I have to come back for the traditional Oktoberfest someday soon.

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