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Frühstück in Berlin: Haferkater

Haferkater ist definitiv nicht neu für die meisten aus Berlin und mittlerweile ist das Unternehmen sogar Deutschlandweit vertreten. Die Bilder aus diesem Post sind bereits vor längerer Zeit entstanden, jedoch fehlt bisher die Zeit einen Blogeintrag dazu zu verfassen. In Berlin ist der Haferkater zweimal vertreten, einmal in Prenzlauer Berg und einmal am Bahnhof Friedrichstraße. Haferkater ist auf traditionellen schottischen Porridge spezialisiert und hat mich definitiv dem ganzen Porridge-Hype etwas näher gebracht. Ich komme nur selten hier vorbei, da es einfach nicht auf einem meiner Wege liegt. Jedes Mal wenn ich dort war, habe ich bereits einen anderen Porridge probiert und war jedes mal sehr zufrieden mit meiner Wahl. Auch wenn ich meine eigenen Kreationen zu Hause mittlerweile etwas lieber esse, ist es trotzdem ein schöner Ort um sich auf ein Frühstück zu treffen. Man kann die Porridge Varianten auch alle wunderbar to-go nehmen und dann im Büro, im Park oder zu hause genießen. Neben diesen gibt es auch Salate, herzhafte Bowls und frisch gebackene Kuchen oder ähnliches (z.B. Bananenbrot!). HaferkaterEberswalder Straße 2610437 Berlin Montag …

Ernährung Pt. I – Ein Anfang

Lange habe ich überlegt ob ich das Thema Ernährung hier ausführlicher auf dem Blog aufgreife. Schließlich ist das Feld einfach riesig und ich keine Ernährungsexpertin. Dennoch habe ich mich seit geraumer Zeit immer mehr damit beschäftigt, was ich in meinen Körper “packe”. Bekanntlicht heißt es ja: du bist, was du isst. Und das Ernährung sich entscheidend auf den Körper, den Geist und unsere Emotionen auswirken kann, ist ja schon länger bewiesen. Wer kennt es nicht, das “hangry”-Gefühl wenn man mal wieder nichts zu Essen in der Nähe hat und dann schlechte Laune bekommt? Vielleicht haben einige jetzt den ultimativen Essensguide erwartet, jedoch muss ich euch diesbezüglich leider enttäuschen. Denn ich habe zum Teil selber noch nicht die absolut richtige Ernährungsweise für mich gefunden. Seit einer Woche habe ich begonnen meine Lebensmittel zu listen um eine Übersicht darüber zu bekommen was mir welche Nährstoffe gibt. Denn viel zu oft habe ich mich schlapp gefühlt, schnell wieder hungrig oder auch mal Appetitlos. Bereits nach fünf Tagen ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich deutlich zu wenig Eiweiß zu mir …

November Inspiration

Time is running fast and Christmas is coming closer and closer and closer. We somehow already like wearing red colored pieces and therefore our this months inspiration is focusing on this color. In light or dark, red offers a great spectrum of shades and is a perfect eye-catcher for any occasion. Cozy knits and velvet pumps are very high on our wishlist since you can easily bring them along to any December event. Let it be a Christmas brunch with friends or your annual office Xmas party.

September Inspiration

I don’t know why but September already makes me feel like autumn. I guess its because of the weather we already have her in Germany, mostly grey and rainy. Even though I have experienced an Indian Summer in New York, September will always be autumn-pioneer. This also means our wardrobes get a huge make-over. All those breezy summer dresses and sandals start to vanish; booties, long pants and cozy knitwear land in the drawers. Of course also those earthy shades and the different states of grey have their moments in this month but adding a little colour can give your whole outfit combination a twist. Red and pink add the perfect dash of colour.

Dinner in Munich: Servus Heidi

I‘m actually not such a big fan of traditional Bavarian food because it’s mostly heavy on the stomach. But when you are in Munich for the first time I guess it is an obligation to try it out. My best friend checked through the online portal TripAdvisor were she found this restaurant called Servus Heidi. They serve traditional Bavarian food but interpreted them in a new way. It’s located a little outside of the city center but easy to reach with the subway. When we got there the place was packed. We didn’t make a reservation in advance but when you head here on a Friday or Saturday night make sure to reserve a table beforehand. Just in order to avoid waiting for half an hour. But since we had time it was really nice to sit at the bar and enjoy a pre drink plus already flicking through their menu. It’s not  big menu which is always a good sign since the small amount of dishes they make are mostly good. My friend went …

Breakfast in Munich: LAX Eatery

When I stepped into this little café in Munich I instantly felt like being back in New York again, enjoying a good brunch morning with Jana. Lax Eatery tries to convey the American west-coast feeling with palms and American road signs on the walls plus serving breakfast all day long. Also the food they serve seems really American inspired: fresh smoothies, blueberry pancakes, egg burritos and bread with smashed avocado. The menu is small but well organized and you easily find something. The place is small and on a Sunday morning pretty packed but we didn’t need to wait, one table was available straight away. My friend and I each went for the egg burritos and added extra avocado. As a sweet sensation we share the blueberry pancakes which were super fluffy. The coffee was good and their homemade ice tea really refreshing. All in all I can recommend this place. Maybe not for a big group of people (because of the space and their amount of big tables) but with a friend or alone …

Dinner in Potsdam: Mea Culpa

I can easily add Mea Culpa to one of my most favourite places I have ever been to. The restaurant is located in the heart of Potsdam, right on a street corner. They serve delicious Spanish food, especially their tapas are worth a visit. You can choose between cold and warm served tapas. I highly recommend to share them so you can order a variety of tapas. One pot is filled pretty well, perfect for sharing, and most of them include garlic. So, make sure you all have some and your appointments afterwards aren’t coming too close. Besides their delicious food you should definitely try their mint rosé spritzer. It’s super refreshing and gives the whole setting an extra holiday-feeling. Make sure to reserve a table before dropping by. They are highly requested and most evenings fully booked. Then you also need to wait a little until your food is ready. Advice for spontaneous visits? Go there either for lunch or during the early afternoon, then the chances are higher to get a table without …

June Inspiration

In Berlin, the last May days have been the hottest in history – we had nearly constant 30 degrees Celsius and on Tuesday even 34! Surely, we hope that this warm weather will remain throughout June as well. Apart from being sunny and warm, June is a colorful month for me. There is always a play of light and colors: the flowers blooming in the garden, a bright pink summer dress, a statement bag in yellow, an orange Aperol Spritz, a bright green salad… Let’s celebrate the colors of June this month!

Happy Easter!

The long Easter weekend is here and we are indulging in some free time and good chocolate eggs. How will you spend Easter Sunday? We will have a lovely lunch containing grilled salmon and green asparagus. And in the afternoon we will hit a theater production and in the evening meet our friends for a good dancing session at the local club. It maybe not the traditional Easter Sunday with the whole family and a good brunch or dinner but it dose not matter how you celebrate those festive days as long as you are happy with the events/gatherings you pick. During the last couple of days we were often asked why don’t we celebrate Easter with our family but it’s simply a huge logistical effort since they are all over Germany. Therefore its really nice to just gather people around you who you love and who give you a good feeling, no matter if its Easter, Christmas or any other day, We hope you all have some lovely plans and wish you H A …

April Inspiration

Hello, April! Hello Spring and the light mood that comes with the first sunny days! Fortunately, we’ve been lucky when it comes to the weather in Berlin so far – the last days have been warm and full of sun! That’s probably why I suddenly have such an urge to shop light dresses, pastel colors, rose colored sandals and light-washed jeans with flower embroideries… What are your most loved spring trends this year?