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Lacoste Blogger Workshop

Some days ago, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Lacoste blogger event in Frankfurt am Main, where their male perfume collection “Eau de Lacoste” was presented.

We had an exceptionally lovely day and were welcomed warmly by the team of Headspace PR. What followed was a perfect mix of hanging out with lovely people, enjoying the sun, learning and discovering interesting facts about perfume and indulging a delicious menu.

We enjoyed a menu created in all five colors of the fragrance line – blue, red, white, yellow and black. For each course, the table decoration was adjusted so it would fit the color of the respective dish, in order to fortify the colored experience.

One of this day’s highlights was that we were able to assist the great cooking team with the two main courses and were especially happy to learn some tips how to prepare the recipes ourselves.

Apart from this, a professional color psychologist and the Lacoste perfume developer enlightened the group with intriguing knowledge about scents and their different appeals.

All in all, we can tell that each of the scents has a very sophisticated effect and you are even able to “smell” the respective color of the bottle. You should totally try this out yourselves – smell the scent and let your imagination run wild on what associations you might have. A scent has so many different facets and it is more than interesting to discover them!

Thank you so much for this extraordinary experience Lacoste and Headspace PR!

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