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Ten Things I learned when living in Paris

1. Paris is the place build of the most beautiful and romantic architecture. Full stop. It is a pleasure and privilege to be able to walk through these countless beautiful streets and see all the famous monuments.

2. After my time in Paris I am now officially unable to eat crêpes in any other country than France. Others just don’t get it – they never taste the same. You can find my favorite crêpes store in Montmartre, in Rue des Abbesses.

3. When in Paris, you should stick to drinking black coffee. It is a waste of time and effort to try to get a nice cappuccino – the Parisians don’t believe in milky mix drinks really. And you won’t regret it since the black coffee is just far better in France!

4. The French style is a unique token of elegance in this world. It is hard to imitate and even harder to learn but it is the real deal. Only French women manage to look this elegant in a striped t-shirt and jeans with Ballerina flats. Or this very fine French lingerie underneath a thin, knitted sweater. Or pull off that perfectly bright Chanel red lipstick as naturally as we comb our hair.

5. Don’t make the mistake to compare Paris with the rest of France. Paris is a separate entity within this country and you can feel it – Paris is the superlative of everything the French are known and famous for. Apparently, I have to say that Parisian people are very well aware of their special status and they tend to show it to you.

6. Paris is most beautiful at night. When you are in Paris, you should not miss the opportunity to take a midnight stroll through the old streets.

7. Paris is a Mekka for lovers of culture. The city offers one of the widest ranges ever to view beautiful art and it seems to be all over the city. I can only recommend to take advantage of this fact, however allow for a little more time since exhibitions of all kinds tend to be crowded.

8. When you are in Paris, you shouldn’t rush. Allow yourself to find a bench in Palais Royale or Jardin du Luxembourg to sit down and read a book in the sun from time to time. Generally, the French like to take their time and you should try to do the same. This can give a lot of peace!

9. I already mentioned the delicious Parisian crêpes above, so let me make one thing clear: in Paris, you don’t count calories (well, generally you probably shouldn’t but especially not in Paris). Enjoy all the culinary experiences you can get, because you will most likely not be able to get some of them anywhere else. I’m talking frog legs, mussels, coq au vin, tarte tatin, croissants, escargots, tarte aux framboises, macarons, baguette, and so on and so forth… Enjoy!

10. I have always loved to sit outside if the weather allows it. Somehow, I felt like in Paris I was extremely drawn to sit in the sun in a café, enjoying a chilled glass of white wine and doing nothing but enjoying life. Generally, the French have a unique way of living life to the fullest. I feel like one should try to take in most of this positive energy hence integrate it into our own philosophy of life.

Getting in the Parisian Mood

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