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Tropical destination

This passt weekend the summer temperatures have reached us and we’ve been boiling in the sun.
Therefore it was time to shop some new summer pieces which are suitable for every warm holiday destination. Here comes a little list of what you definitely should pack.

1. a jeans shorts
An easy piece to wear from day to night.

2. a white blouse
White always transports the feeling of ease and summer.

3. some fancy sandals
Choose some with glittery details so you can where them both day
and night

4. a white bikini (see under the blouse)
Nothing more to say about this detail.

All pieces can be bought at C&A

Pictures by Johannes F. Räbel from JFRcreatives
Location: Biosphäre Potsdam (thank you for helping us out!)

In cooperation with C&A and StyleBook

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