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Personal Issue: About growing beyond oneself

Frankly, the last couple of months have been rough. To say it mildly, I’ve had a lot on my plate! Some would argue, that it was my own fault, I simply say: you grow with your tasks.

In Winter 2015, I’ve taken on a job as a conceptualist / marketing manager / interior designer for a Berlin start-up called Rose Garden. You might have seen it in a post the other day. I’ve loved this job from day one and given my heart and soul for this brand. My tasks included to work on concepts, do trend research as well as develop a Social Media strategy and form the brand’s CI – to make a long story short – a dream job for a young creative business student like me.

I worked full-time during the semester break and wasn’t ready to give up my job when the semester started again, so the only consequence was to do both. And that’s what I did. I signed up for my bachelor’s thesis, which I wrote about brand development with means of Social Media marketing and continued to work hard for Rose Garden.

Sometimes, I lay in bed at night and thought: Jana, what the hell are you doing? No sane person would work full-time and write a bachelor’s thesis at the same time… You can’t do it, it’s just too much. But then I stopped myself and reminded me, that I wanted this so badly and lived for both projects. That’s how I learned to motivate myself with both projects at the same time: During weekends I worked for the bachelor’s thesis and on Mondays I was usually super glad to get back to work, because it was a welcome change! Apart from that, after a certain point during my thesis I started to really learn a lot from it and also to incorporate some of the research ideas into my work at Rose Garden. I so to say fueled both projects mutually.

In the beginning of February, I knew I was going to make it – my due date for the thesis was the end of the month and I was nearly finished. With that feeling, a huge relief passed through my whole body and mind – I did it, and I can proudly say that I never sacrificed the quality of my work for the thesis and the other way around.

What I take from this experience is, first, that I’m super excited for the next months in which I will “only” be working and start to have some free weekends, quality time with my friends and of course (!) for Midnight Couture again! Secondly, that we all can achieve as much as we desire to, as long as we are willing to work hard and use time efficiently. Sometimes, it’s not wrong to take on multiple projects, as long as you can take energy from them both ways.

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