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Sweet Treat in Potsdam: Lekker Snoepjes

Of course Berlin provides us with so many lovely places and sights we could report about 
but why not look at the things we have in our surrounding?
Potsdam is not only a very historical city, 
it also has it’s small insider tip’s which we would like to share with you a bit more. 
We are both not born here but since our school was right in the city-center we got around 
quite a lot. And just on the other side of the street (sometimes things are really close!) we had from time to time the pleasure to enjoy a splendid cup of hot chocolate and and some superb 
pralines or a delicious piece of home-made cake. 
The place, a little café and praline heaven, is called Lekker Snoepjes and was founded by Tanja Hoffmann and Franziska Tölcke in 2008. 
Both studied in different cities and different subjects yet somehow faith brought them together. They love sweet things and above all pralines. First they sold their creations on a market before opening a café. 
In their little shop they are always searching for new, exquisite recipes which you don’t find in a normal chocolate store (one I really enjoy is the Campari praline btw). They now already have created over 100 recipes and every time you come along you will be able to spot a new one between the others.
Besides these little sins you will find a lot more. Come in the morning and experience the charming breakfast they serve, or have a tea and a piece of Tante Tina’s chocolate cake (such a sensation) in the afternoon. 
If this is not enough for you, why not take part in one of their workshops? Occasionally they offer these adventure and you are able to create your own little praline and will learn how to make them on your own. Furthermore you can find cute little presents inside along with very nice cards. It is just a perfect place to leave all you stress behind. In the little backyard you will find the pure oasis of quietness and the time seems to stand still for a bit.
All the best,

Bitter:Sweet – Bittersweet Faith

Kurfürstenstraße 9 
14467 Potsdam 
For more information take a look at their website

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