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Personal Issue: What makes Christmas so special to me?

It’s the season to be jolly and bright. Nevertheless I have been thinking about these festive days and what makes them so special to me. Because way to often we forget how special these days are and why we actually like to celebrate them.

Christmas is a Christian feast on which they celebrate the birth of Jesus on the 25th of December. On the evening of the 24th the people start to celebrate with dinners, worship services and exchanging gifts. It’s a tradition which has become far more commercial and is not only celebrated by Christians anymore.

I for myself have no religion. My parents have been baptized as Christian and evangelist but decided to let us decide for ourselves if we want to enter a church or follow a certain confession. I never felt really secure with either of them which is why I decided not to be baptized. But this is another topic I don’t want to illustrate now.

My dad worked for the German military and we had to move cities quite often. Back when my parents were just married and lived in the USA, far away from their families in Germany, they were invited to celebrate Christmas with another family. And happily excepted the invitation. I guess, this is something my Mum has always valued and passed on to me: the door to our house is always open for our friends and we are happy to take those in who need a place to stay.

The past few years it was always just my Mum, one of my brothers and me on Christmas eve. But this year is a little different and makes it even more special. The parents of a close friend of mine are away during the holidays and without hesitating I invited her over to celebrate Christmas with us. Not even having asked my Mum or my brother because I knew I didn’t have to. Of course they were totally fine with it.

Just a week ago my Mum was having dinner with an elderly couple who live two houses away from us. Their only daughter is celebrating Christmas in Sweden with her boyfriend and the two of them are alone on Christmas Eve. My Mum invited them over for dinner tonight and they said yes.

Since years I didn’t have the experience of celebrating Christmas in a bigger group of people but now, just because we are happy to have friends around us, our holidays are a whole lot different from the last ones. And guess what? I’m so looking forward to this celebration tonight. All of us have a different age and a different life experience but we will have a whole lot of fun I believe.

So, what makes Christmas so special to me? Exactly these moments. Inviting a whole bunch of close friends to join the family to celebrate. To get together no matter if we are relatives or friends and be happy and joyful together. Because, after all, this is what makes these holidays so special: everyone coming together to spend time together.

We therefore wish you a very Merry Christmas and some precious days with family and friends!

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The pictures were taken during the Blogger Xmas workshop by COTY in Berlin this week Monday.

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